What French People Do for Fun


France is one of those countries where you can spend a beautiful holiday no matter the season. No matter what your tastes and wishes are you will surely find something to your liking here. In case you are wondering how French people actually have fun, you will find the answer by continuing to read this article.


After we made a good research we found out that French people love going shopping, eating in excellent restaurants, and also walking through cities. They also love spending their vacation on the beach or in the mountains. On the other hand, when they want to have fun in their own country they tend to visit different restaurants and shopping areas than the ones that are always busy with tourists. Instead of going shopping in popular areas such as the Champs-Elysees boulevard, they prefer little designer shops, street markets, or flea markets. Many French unusual store are found in covered passageways. Flower markets are also very appreciated by French people.


Not only shopping brings them happiness and joy but stopping for a coffee with a friend as well. You will often see French people having a coffee and sometimes pastries, and chat with a friend. French cafes are also full of locals who come to relax, read a book, do some work on the computer, or just people-watch. They also enjoy eating delicious meals and you will often see them in restaurants or bistros at the lunchtime or in the evening. If you are a tourist then you should also do the same in order to understand better their culture and enjoy to the fullest your vacation in France.


During weekends, French people like to walk a lot. If the weather is nice you will see people walking everywhere. Furthermore, they also like cycling very much. All in all, they love spending time outdoors and doing exercise. In the evening the bars are full, not to talk about the clubs where you will see lots of party-people, especially teenagers. No matter what city in France you choose to visit we are sure that you will have a great time.


We also want to mention another activity that surprisingly is extremely fun in France. ”Mushroom hunting” is very popular throughout Europe. There are several public mushroom hunting grounds where people go not necessarily for mushroom picking but especially for fun. Many think that this is quite weird, but as long as they have fun, it doesn’t actually matter. The southern and western regions of France are excellent for mushroom picking. You will often see in the restaurants’ menu plenty of dishes that contain this main ingredient. French people don’t only like to pick mushrooms but eat them as well. You should try their specialties because they certainly taste incredibly nice. The French cuisine is well-known and highly appreciated all over the world.


As you have read above French people are not very different than other nationalities and tourists can feel very comfortable in their country. If you also plan to travel here in the near future, then having fun will surely not be a problem.

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