Important Festivals in France


If you like going to all sort of festivals then we recommend you to try France. This country hosts all sort of festivals all year round and anyone who wants to live some amazing experiences is most welcome to visit France. Here are some of the most important ones which you will absolutely love.


Bastille Day in Paris

July 14 is the most important festival in France. It actually celebrates the storming of the Bastille, and also the start of the French Revolution. There is a massive parade, free wonderful concerts, fireman’s balls, and some of the best fireworks you’ll ever see. In order to catch the best views of the fireworks and the atmosphere as well, it is recommended to go early to the Trocadero gardens, the Sacre Coeur or Montparnasse Tower, or the Champ de Mars.

Berck Sur Mer Kite Festival

Giant whales, pigs, crabs, lizards, and assorted cartoon figures truly might fly in the skies high above the vast expanses of sand at this amazing festival, which is, by the way, an international event. Get yourself a very good place on the sand dunes so that you can easily watch experts from every corner of the world competing against the wind and each other. We guarantee that the Berck Sur Mer Kite Festival will offer you an unforgettable experience.

Festival Medieval de Sedan

This festival is absolutely great for anyone who has children and wants to have a great time. This castle is the largest medieval castle in entire Europe, at 35,000 square meters set over seven floors. The festival takes place every year in May. At the event, you will have the chance to find out how life was in medieval times: archery, wrestling, jousting, banquets, and more.

La Fete de la Music

On the day of the summer solstice, there is wonderful music in the air throughout entire France. This festival represents a celebration of all genres of music, performed in restaurants, bars, museums, concert halls, and even on the streets, by professionals and amateurs as well. The good news is that it is completely free, and the visitors can either take part or just watch and enjoy.

Menton Lemon Festival

For about two weeks every single spring, lemons, and oranges take over the city of Menton. There are some wonderful parades of fruit-covered floats by day and by night. Visitors can buy jams, perfumes, soaps, and locally made drinks, all made from lemons, obviously.

Nice Carnival

This is another magical festival in France which you should not miss. Every year, the theme of the carnival is different, and that’s why it is very interesting because it’s always surprising. Visitors can party in the streets of Nice the whole night, and the experience will surely be unforgettable.


To conclude, we can say that all these festivals and many more will certainly offer to all visitors an unforgettable experience and also help them know more about the beautiful and romantic France. Therefore, don’t hesitate and plan a trip to this country and catch some of the above vibrant events.

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