Important Annual Events in Paris


Paris is one of those amazing metropolis where you can visit plenty of interesting and stunning attractions and also enjoy vibrant events. If you plan a visit here in the near future then in this article we will show you some important annual events in Paris that we recommend you to not miss.


Circus of Tomorrow Fair – January

Every year in January the Circus of Tomorrow Fair comes to Paris. The extremely talented performers make an incredible show and people all over the world come to see them in the city of lights. The show is being held at the Pelouse de Reuilly and it lasts an entire weekend. If you find it interesting then you should check out the official website for more details, so that you can start planning your trip to Paris.

Fete de la Music – June

This is by far a spectacular event where not only locals but tourists as well come to have fun and listen to high-quality live music. On the longest night of the year, more than 200,000 people will take to the streets of this beautiful city in order to celebrate to the fullest the summer solstice, life, and music. There will be lots of bands and groups performing not only on the streets but in the bars as well. In June, the entire Paris will actually turn into one big party, a part which you should not miss.

Antique Books Fair – February

This is another important annual event in Paris which you should not miss in case you plan a visit here in February. The Antique Books Fair is being held near the Pantheon. In an age of web pages and e-books, French people often try to maintain their desire to hold, touch, and turn the pages of real books. Therefore, if you feel the same then you should come along and look for a few rare first editions.

St. Patrick’s Day – March

If you want to visit Paris then we suggest you to do it in March, when is the St. Patrick’s Day event.

It probably seems a bit strange to actually include an Irish holiday in this mix, but this event in this city is certainly a big deal. You will be surprised how many Irish pubs and bars are in the city of lights. However, the show is an amazing one, with street parades that vary from year to year.

Nuit des Musees – May

For one night in the spring everyone is invited to visit any museum in the city for free. The museums will open their doors between 19.00 PM and 1.00 AM. This event started in 2005 and it was planned by the French Department of Culture, in order to expand exposure to and appreciation of art and culture. During this night, some museums will also host conferences, art lectures, debates, and all sort of exhibitions. All in all, this event is very popular and highly appreciated in Paris, and by attending it you will surely enjoy a delightful experience.

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