Best Things to Do in Paris in November and December


Paris is a beautiful city that can be visited all year round but its beauty is different in the wintertime. The place becomes quite magical in November and December and there are many interesting things to do and see. Therefore, we recommend you to plan a visit at the end of the year and we guarantee that you will not regret doing this. Here are some of the best things to do in the city of lights in November and December.


Go to the Parisian Flea Markets

These are without a doubt some of the best places to shop in Paris. All the warehouses and streets are full of vintage clothing, accessories, and unique antiques as well. One of the most famous flea markets in the world is here, in Paris, and it is called Saint Quen. It is a real city-within-the-city full of secrets and treasures, and that’s why we recommend you to go for a Paris Flea Market Walking Tour with a guide in order to discover all the hidden secrets. In November there are plenty of considerable discounts for all items and that’s why you should go for a shopping session.

Enjoy Music at the Centre Georges Pompidou

The Pampidou Museum is actually a very popular cultural center in Paris, which you should visit in November and not only. It is famous for its exciting cultural exhibitions and eccentric architecture. This is also a very nice place to enjoy a break with your friends and listen to some quality music played by numerous independent artists who perform quite often in the front yard. Keep in mind that if you travel alone to Paris, in order to have lots of fun you should hire an escort. Plenty of visitors do this so that they can have a great time and not feel lonely during their stay. There are plenty of escorts in Paris, in case you didn’t know that and you can easily find one. Just make sure your budget is good because high-class escorts are quite expensive.

Try an Evening River Tour

There is no doubt that the heart of this beautiful city is the amazing island called ”L’ile de la cite”. This place reveals its stunning beauty especially at sunset. Book your unique experience at Free Evening River Walking Tour, and enjoy to the fullest the breathtaking views of Paris and its legends. Just make sure you are well-dressed as the weather in Paris in November is very cold.

Check the Adorable Christmas Markets

Around Christmas the markets in Paris become magical and you must certainly visit them. There are enchanting decorations, delicious food, special Christmas treats, lovely gifts, great music and people, and absolutely amazing hot wine. The Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame Cathedral, and the Champs-Elysees have their own market during the whole month of December.

Don’t Forget to Go Ice Skating

You cannot go to Paris in December without trying ice skating. This activity is very popular in the wintertime, and it is extremely fun. The best two ice rinks in the city of lights are the Hotel de Ville and the Eiffel Tower.

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